Final major project 29


I printed all of the sample making process in A4 paper and organised them on my sketchbook. While I am doing this, I could think about what I did, what I should do and what went wrong way. So I wrote a modification list on paper and reminded myself. With these modification list, I hope to make better one for final piece.


Final major project 28



The images above are the last part of sample making process. This process was really helpful to find error. I found few things to fix. First of all, the size was little bit small for my model. I will extend the waist part of pattern to fix it. And the second error was the zip length. I measured the length of zip little bit short. So There was a empty space just over the waist line. For the last, I am still considering how I am going to express random fabric layers with the patchwork or that style of the last  image above. In fact, I am leaning toward patchwork to express layers.

Final major project 27

I started to make a sample garment today. These images below are all about the making process for sample. (Because there was a blackout on Saturday, some photos are quite dark.)



First of all I cut the basic pattern of top part. And then I tried to change the pattern to halter neck pattern. Also I gave princess lines on the pattern to emphasise the waistline. As so far, I finished to make a sample of top, I feel the size is little bit small though. However, it will be fine. I can fix it before start to make final piece.

Final major project – trip week sketchbook


I know it was late but I finally did trip week sketchbook work today. Actually I didn’t realise that I have to do this work. In fact, as a result, working on sketchbook later was quite good thing. I couldn’t get not many research from trip week so I was totally forgot what I saw and learnt from that time but while I worked on sketchbook this time, it reminded me about trip week. Actually for me, the trip week was really unhelpful because there were no connection with my final major project theme. But I really enjoyed reorganizing on sketchbook. Probably I felt that feeling because I worked without pressure this time.

Final major project 26


These are schematic drawing for making a garment. I thought that It will be easier to make final garment. I thought it would be easier to make the final garment if I draw these schematic before start to make final outfit. And indeed, I felt more easy to measure the size and length to cut pattern. Also it was not very hard to change the pattern from basic design to my design. And I imagined and drew how to set stuffs and what pose I am going to ask to my model in my place when I take photograph in the future. I thought about where to place my pillows and duvet and also where my model would be. I will take photograph based on these planner in the future.

Final major project 25


I made a new collage today, I am keep trying to make different way of random layers on garment. I feel collage is the best way to get inspiration for developing. While I doing this collage, it reminded me about patchwork that I did on at the beginning of my sketchbook work. And I think using that the colour(texture as well) of fabric which is the second part from the very right side of this image(the beige colour with small plants pattern) is good to express old mattress. I feel that I need little bit more design ideas. And then I will draw some schematic drawing(flat drawing?) to start making a final garment.

Final major project 24


I got big inspiration from these two designers ‘Isabella Filkirk’ and ‘Comdes Garcon’. Firstly, I can see really cool and interesting layers and fabric used from Isabella Filkirk’s work. In case of the first work, that square shape is really nice. It is irregular and also the fabric used is very creative. Especially, I like that ridiculous shape. And the rest of them has really interesting layers expressed by folding. I think that I can emulate this part for my work. On the other hand, Comdes Garcon collection has a different attraction. I love these random layers and the pattern on the garment. Also their colour balance is really nice. They are composed of similar and also different colour attribute. But that colour layers has good balance like a gradation.

Final major project 23


I’m considering about what kind of fabric to use with these photos of bedding that I took photograph at John Lewis on last weekend. There are nice pattern on each stuffs. Especially, I like the patterns of cushions. Also the layers of curtains are great. That layers have nice texture and colour balance to help for choosing fabric will used on making final garment. For the next step, I will use these patterns to draw new illustrations. It is very interesting to make a balance by combining seemingly unrelated random patterns.

Final major project 22


I drew a new illustration today. I used more bright colour for this design. Based on these colour background, I’m thinking what kind of pattern can make this look like a layers of bedding with old atmosphere. And I will draw more illustrations of different styles of garment. I think dress which are more like party dress would be the next design. From the next design, I am going to draw small patterns on illustrations. It will be a great help to determine the final design. I’m really looking forward what design going to be my final piece.


Final major project 21

I found more things(cushions, covers, rugs, curtains etc) to be able to use for my FMP. I can’t upload all of them cause they are too many, they have really good pattern and texture and colour. Especially their pattern are good to express “random layers” of princess and the pea. I am going to try to use these elements(colour, texture, pattern) to find nice harmony in the illustrations that I am currently drawing.