Exhibition set up


Today, I finished to set up all of my work at exhibition place. The position of photos on the board has been little bit changed though, I finished setting up exhibition quite successful by following my exhibition plan. My garment is not fit for mannequin(the size is little bit big) but I think it is going to be fine. I feel quite happy with my work overall. After finished to set up, I Looked around some of other classmates exhibitions. The exhibition place has been changed quite nice with exhibition boards more than I expected.


Final major project 38 +3(Exhibition board)

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.30.15.png20170605_150650.jpg

Today, I edited some of my final photos and design processes by using Photoshop for the exhibition board. Actually, I tried to edit again my final photos to make them look better. However, I felt original final photos are better. They didn’t go well with other colour and style editing. So I just fix their size and printed them out. And I measured where they would be placed and stuck them on the board. Also I wrote a short writing what is explaining brief of my project. I am really happy with that everything has finished. Also I feel happy with my board. Now only setting up the exhibition has left. I am really looking forward to see the rest of  classmates’s board.