Final major project 37 (Evaluation)


First of all I would like to talk about brief of my theme. In a word, it was absolutely great time. I enjoyed this project indeed. Even the time when I was choosing the theme was the most difficult part of this project for me. In fact, I was wanted to choose my first theme ‘Anti Racism’ as my main theme for FMP at the first. However, it is really huge and complicated topic also it is hard to express by fashion. So I changed mind and choose second theme ‘Fairy tales’. As a result, It was a good choice. I was interested in this kind of thing(something kind of fairy tales, like a fantasy) but it was the first time to study in detail. I didn’t realise that there are so many different fairy tales in the world more than I expected. There were plenty of fairy tales that I hadn’t heard before such as my main theme ‘The Princess and the pea’. That is why I choose this story as a main topic. It was new story for me, so all of things in this fairy tales were really interesting.


For getting research I bought a ‘Hans Andersen’s fairy tales’ from bookstore at the first. Inside of this book, there were lots of different Andersen’s fairy tales. Among them, the one attracted me strongly was ‘The princess and the pea’ . There were quite a lotof  good research sources in ‘The princess and the pea”. Especially the layers of mattress was really good source. It was quite easy to develop idea. It was easy but had a lot of potential to develop. Also for this theme, there were various fabric choice, any kind of fabric could be used(Even though it does, It doesn’t mean that I can buy any fabric. They are too expensive in UK.). So I went to big fabric market(Dongdaemoon fabric market) in Korea during Easter holiday. I knew that there are innumerable fabric and bedding shop. When I visited that place I could see so many beautiful layers of fabric and bedding. Besides of this place, I went to ‘Sattch gallery’ and V&A Museum during trip week. But they were really disappointed. There were not too many things that can relate to my theme. Overall, Nothing was better than Dongdaemoon fabric market.

-Development of ideas & Materials

For development of my idea, I tried to heap up fabric samples randomly. I did this thing quite a lot. And it was good process to develop ideas. I could see different shapes, layers and colour every single time. Based on that process, I drew some designs. I designed them by changing the direction, shape and size of the layers. And I drew some illustrations by using that design details. Let’s talk about materials that I used, to be honest, it was not too hard to choose what fabric I would use. As mentioned above, there was a wide choice of uses for fabric. But I wanted to express old atmosphere, so I bought yellowish beige colour fabric. I used the fabric that I bought to make top and first layer of skirt. For the second layer of the skirt I used patchwork on there, this work also didn’t care about fabric type, so it was simple.


I tried to record all process on my blog, but I am not sure that I did well. However, writing on blog was really good work. It was quite annoying work though, it was really helpful to increase my English writing skill. Not only about English skill but also it was good to remind myself when I get in stuck. And also it proposed me directions when I didn’t know what I have to do next. On the other hand, in case of sketchbook work, I don’t think I’ll ever get close to do sketchbook work. Sticking nice photos on sketchbook, making it look pretty, they are really not my area. Of course I tried these things, It doesn’t look very nice even for me.

However, I feel that it certainly improved compared to previous project because I had learnt from trial and error before, I didn’t do at least same mistake. And there is one more thing that has been improved. It is the time management which was one of my biggest problems. I think I have managed time quite well this time. There was no big pressure from shortage of time, and I worked with composure. Our time table that we made by ourselves before was really helpful. Actually, when I made the timetable, I wondered why I was doing it. But intermittently it reminded me what I had to do at that time. I think that I could managed time quite successfully because of the timetable.




If I had more time or could do this project again, I would make more layers on the skirt for final dress and I want to make sketchbook more qualitative. They were regrettable point overall. The long project is finally going to over, after all. Actually I feel that nine months has gone quite quickly. For the past time, I got a lot of big and small experiences, sometime that was funny thing and sometimes it was really annoying thing. However, I think everything that was passed was a good experience and I have learnt many things from that experience. I am really looking forward our exhibition. I hope it will be great time.



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