Trip week (Duxford imperial war museum)

It was really nice weather when we visit Duxford museum. But For me, this war museum was totally disappointed. I didn’t enjoy that place. Because I’m not interested in war stuffs and I couldn’t get any research for my FMJ theme(fairy tales) from this place. And I was very upset at Land Warfare exhibition. There were some exhibits which has Japanese war crime symbol. But there were not enough explanation how bad that symbol is. Even I didn’t want to take photo of them.

IMG_2939.JPG 20170315_112036.jpg

I think maybe I can think about this old atmosphere of these uniform to link to my theme(fairy tales), but.. I think it’s not going to happen. Maybe I can find more fairy tales has written during or around Second World War.


There is huge war museum near to my home in Korea. I’ve been there hundred of time. So I saw them with comparing Korean things with things in Duxford. The designs are different especially the big things. And the tanks are absolutely different. This point was only one I enjoyed.



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