Trip week (V&A museum, Natural History museum and Science museum)

I’ve been to V&A museum, Natural History museum and Science museum for Final major project. But unfortunately, there were only few things related to my theme(fairy tales). I got only some photos related to small detail in some fairy tale story. Even I couldn’t find anything about fairy tales at Natural History and Science Museum. I was so disappointed. I hope Duxford museum is better than these three museum.


*Mirror, About 1680 England, Unknown, Pine, veneered with Japanese lacquer including mother-of-pearl, and painted black and gold


*Mirror, 1665-1672, made by a Dutch or Flemish carver in London, made for Sir Henry Gough, Pine, carved and silvered, retaining of red glaze


*Mirror frame of The Caverley toilet service, 1683-1684 London, Fowle William, Silver, cast and chased


* Mirror, 1745 London, Lock Matthias SR, Carved and gilded pine


*Japanese masks, about 2000 Japan, Suzuki Nohjin, carved and painted cypress


*Figure of no-body with a drink and pipe, 1680-1685 Southwark London, Tin-glazed earthware


*Sketch of The Ladies Gazette of Fashion, 1871-1878, unknown


*Sketch of The Badminton Bed, 1754 China, unknown



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