Final Major Project-5


These are mind map and mood board for first theme ‘racism’. I thought about the colours of each different race such as black, brown, yellow, white etc. And I found a campaign called ‘safety pin’. It means who put safety pin on their shirt or coat are not racist. I thought I can use colours and safety pin as source to develop this idea. But I don’t really want to do this theme because It will be quite big and complicated project.


These are mind map and mood board of second theme. I’m thinking about common fairy tale such as Grimm brother’s things, Andersen’s thing etc and Asian fairy tale especially the Korean fairy tale.  I like this theme very much because there are so many different fairy tales I have many choices to develop. And I’m going to focus on the original story of them. I just read original story of Snow White and Hansel and Gretel. They are really cruel and I got shock. This will be very interesting project.


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