Final Major Project 9


I’m focusing on the princess and the pea story these days. I think the layer of beds can be good design idea. I drawing the shape of layering and I’m going to find fabric which is patterned like normal bedsit. Also I think that pleats on the beds are good source for making garment. I can find all different kind of pleats on the layering of beds.


Final Major Project 8


I searched these collection from the internet. All of them are designer’s collection which are based on characters of fairy tales such as the little mermaid, captain hook, rapunzell and red riding hood. I got some inspiration from these artist’s work. They are giving me hints to develop my idea.

Final Major Project 7


These mirrors and clock are from V&A museum in London. Actually there were not too much things related to my theme. The mirrors remind me the magic mirror in the story of snow white. And that clock looks like the moved clock in the beauty and the beast story.


I took photo of these at Sattch gallery. These paintings looks like Pinocchio’s nose. Also that colours are interesting. I got idea from colour harmony of these paintings.

Final Major Project 6


I bought a ‘Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales book at bookstore. This book has really nice illustrations. At the first, I drew them to feel their atmosphere. The Little mermaid, Thumbelina, and The Princess and the pea were very interesting. Especially they have nice design sources more than the others. 20170331_133600.jpg

It is hard to find primary research for whole atmosphere so I’m going to find more about the small detail in each story.

Trip week (Duxford imperial war museum)

It was really nice weather when we visit Duxford museum. But For me, this war museum was totally disappointed. I didn’t enjoy that place. Because I’m not interested in war stuffs and I couldn’t get any research for my FMJ theme(fairy tales) from this place. And I was very upset at Land Warfare exhibition. There were some exhibits which has Japanese war crime symbol. But there were not enough explanation how bad that symbol is. Even I didn’t want to take photo of them.

IMG_2939.JPG 20170315_112036.jpg

I think maybe I can think about this old atmosphere of these uniform to link to my theme(fairy tales), but.. I think it’s not going to happen. Maybe I can find more fairy tales has written during or around Second World War.


There is huge war museum near to my home in Korea. I’ve been there hundred of time. So I saw them with comparing Korean things with things in Duxford. The designs are different especially the big things. And the tanks are absolutely different. This point was only one I enjoyed.


Trip week (V&A museum, Natural History museum and Science museum)

I’ve been to V&A museum, Natural History museum and Science museum for Final major project. But unfortunately, there were only few things related to my theme(fairy tales). I got only some photos related to small detail in some fairy tale story. Even I couldn’t find anything about fairy tales at Natural History and Science Museum. I was so disappointed. I hope Duxford museum is better than these three museum.


*Mirror, About 1680 England, Unknown, Pine, veneered with Japanese lacquer including mother-of-pearl, and painted black and gold


*Mirror, 1665-1672, made by a Dutch or Flemish carver in London, made for Sir Henry Gough, Pine, carved and silvered, retaining of red glaze


*Mirror frame of The Caverley toilet service, 1683-1684 London, Fowle William, Silver, cast and chased


* Mirror, 1745 London, Lock Matthias SR, Carved and gilded pine


*Japanese masks, about 2000 Japan, Suzuki Nohjin, carved and painted cypress


*Figure of no-body with a drink and pipe, 1680-1685 Southwark London, Tin-glazed earthware


*Sketch of The Ladies Gazette of Fashion, 1871-1878, unknown


*Sketch of The Badminton Bed, 1754 China, unknown


Final Major Project-5


These are mind map and mood board for first theme ‘racism’. I thought about the colours of each different race such as black, brown, yellow, white etc. And I found a campaign called ‘safety pin’. It means who put safety pin on their shirt or coat are not racist. I thought I can use colours and safety pin as source to develop this idea. But I don’t really want to do this theme because It will be quite big and complicated project.


These are mind map and mood board of second theme. I’m thinking about common fairy tale such as Grimm brother’s things, Andersen’s thing etc and Asian fairy tale especially the Korean fairy tale.  I like this theme very much because there are so many different fairy tales I have many choices to develop. And I’m going to focus on the original story of them. I just read original story of Snow White and Hansel and Gretel. They are really cruel and I got shock. This will be very interesting project.