Final Major Project-4

Finally, I choose second theme and done to write two proposals. My second theme is ‘fairy tale’ such as Pinocchio, Snow white, Hansel and Gretel and etc. I think it was quite good choice. I love this theme. And I’m thinking about not only Western fairy tale but also Asian fairy tale especially the Korean one.

I will focus on the original story of fairy tale. Actually the original story of them are quite cruel. Most of them are not good for children. This is why I choose this as my theme. I really like this.


Final Major Project-3

I tried to find any galleries or exhibition about racism in London or other place, but there are nothing at this time. I’m still trying to find something, I think choosing second theme is more faster than to develop first theme.

We had a small group tutorial today. But it was not very nice time for me. Because I haven’t choose second theme. I really don’t know what is good for second theme. It is most difficult process I think.

Final Major Project-2

I choose a first theme. It is a campaign about against to racism. I’m researching about this at this moment but it is quite hard to find exhibitions or galleries. There was one exhibition but is already finished. And I found one thing called safety pin campaign. I think it can be good research for this theme. I am going to find more things about racism. And I have to choose one more theme. I want visual thing for second theme. At the first I thought about old military but I think it is boring. I will choose other thing.

Final Major Project-1

Today, I’ve got a new project. I have to choose 2 different theme for this project. It is quite difficult to start unlike previous projects. I think I should choose the theme carefully because it is going to control whole project. Actually, I’m thinking about a campaign. I’m not sure how I can illustrate non-visual thing to visual.But tutors gave us plenty of time, so I will find way.

Fashion_Editing the Body 9.

Finally, I’ve got some designs. I thought about the different shape of the exaggerated belly. But I think the belly has limited to change. It was quite hard to think different design for me. And also, I couldn’t find enough elements from my personal item. Overall of this project, the beginning was very interesting, the end was hard and it gave me much tiredness and stress. From the next time, I think I have to spend more time to design. Designing under the pressure is the worst. I don’t want to repeat same situation again. One of the most hard time is going to the end.


Fashion_Editing the Body 8.

I could start to make trouser after I sent all my portfolio to university. I made a half length trouser. And I customised the jacket using coushion and a case(?). Actually I don’t like this really. But I did the best that I could do with limited time. However, I quite like my trouser. using zip was nice choice. Because at the first time I made this, I used only hook and eye. If I didn’t use the zip, men model couldn’t move. The time taking photo was really fun and happy. Male and Kira became my model.Especially Kira did funny pose.  I satisfied with final photos. I will stick them on sketchbook and then, I have to finish other sketchbook work.



Fashion_Editing the Body 7

I’ve got a quilted vest from charity shop. I’m going to change this vest to be look like big and fat by using the all elements from body sculpture and my personal item. I’m planning to find something looks like hook. And I need something to make this jacket bigger but I don’t know what is good for this so far. And also I started to make trouser using the colour of my personal item. I just make a plan for these. So I need suitable fabric. I’m considering satin cotton or quilted fabric. But they are expensive for me. So probably I’m going to use plain cotton or calico. If I use calico, I should dye them to green colour.

At this moment I’m so busy because of the portfolio. The deadline is coming really soon.

Fashion_Editing the Body 6


After finish to make body sculpture, I drew my personal item on sketchbook. My personal item is my old and dirty light green colour pencil case. I thought about not only whole shape but also the detail such as pens, rope, hook of pens. I like the hook of pens especially. They can be the best elements of my work. I can use them to express big size shape of belly. They can be not only decoration but also the main element. As for the rope of my pencil case, I think it looks like bamboos. The pattern of this rope also can be good elements.


Fashion_Editing the Body 5.

In this day, I finished the final body sculpture. Actually I think it is not my best one. Even though the reason I choose this one as a my final body sculpture is that I think this shape is more easier to express the fat belly than the others. It looks like pregnant woman’s belly. Based on this body sculpture, I’m planning to get a nice jacket such as padding jacket. I think padding jacket will be the best object of my next work.

It took quite long time to finish the first part of this project. Because, during this time, I had to prepare my online portfolio and portfolio for interview as well.

Editing body 4.jpg

Fashion_Editing the Body 4.

I spent 2 days for draping. I did 10 different shape of draping. I got some good inspiration from during this work. All of them are based on the belly. I tried to express them looking like shape of pork belly, really fat person etc. And I draped them on different direction, angle, size and location. Among them, I like the third one especially. Because, I can see the circular shape well and the shape is interesting. Everything was quite interesting and fun, but it was totally annoying work. Every time I finish one of the draping. It took much time to take them off from the mannequin.

Editing body 2.jpg.Editing body 3.jpg