Fashion (movement -11)


Today, I took a video. In conclusion, it was disaster. Basically, I wanted decadent theme for this video but my model who is my girlfriend was totally far from being decadent model. Even I tried to take video more than 50 times, she failed to express the theme I wanted. Finally I gave up. So I just edited the best thing among that videos. Using IMOVIE was absolutely difficult. I’m not used to use this kind of things in the computer or smart phone.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 10.07.32.png20161215_145334.jpg20161215_145337.jpg20161215_145345.jpg




On Wednesday, I finished to make a final piece anyway. And I considered the place to take video. I decided to take video at shower. But I don’t really like my work, because I think I didn’t do one’s best. During this project I didn’t focus on very much I spent more time to prepare other project for uni.

Now I’m considering about the music and theme. I’ll take video tomorrow night.


Fashion (movement-9)

On Monday, I started to make garment. Firstly, I made basic form of shirt and I made some small cushion. And put them on a right sleeve. It was so annoyed work. I only used calico to do this, so I don’t like the colour and texture. I think if I want to finish this on time, I have to skip many step of process. So I’m considering to skip some part of process.



Fashion (movement-7)

Today, I draped at small figure using calico. I tried to express the shape of bubble. And I drew this figure’s shape to see silhouette clearly. Now I’m thinking about how I show this draping in normal size. Also I need to think about what fabric is good for this.


Fashion (movement-5)

Today, I thought about the shape of whom movement of my research. I drew lines along the each point of my research. I thought everything was going to right way, but I got terrible stuck. And I wasted rest of this day. I tried to think again and again, but nothing was in my head.


Turner Prize(not finish)

“The Turner Prize is awarded to a British artist under 50 for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work in the preceding year.

Every other year, the prize leaves Tate Britain and is presented at a venue outside London. For 2015, that venue will be Tramway in Glasgow, an international art-space renowned for commissioning, producing and presenting contemporary arts projects.(”)


-Damien Hirst

-Mother and Child (Divided)

-exhibition copy 2007 (original 1993) (

1995: Damien Hirst

The famed and polarizing British artist won the award for Mother and Child Divided, a sculpture featuring a (real) cow and calf, preserved and cut in half. Hirst, best known for preserving a 17-ft. (5 m) tiger shark in formaldehyde, had been nominated for the prize in 1992.

The Turner Prize was created in 1984 to celebrate contemporary art. It is named after British artist J.M.W. Turner, who painted in the 18th and 19th centuries and whose work was considered controversial by his peers. (”)


Tracey Emin was nominated for her exhibitions in New York and Japan in which she continued to show her versatility across a wide range of media, her vibrancy and flair for self-expression.

Tracey Emin My Bed 1999
Tracey Emin
My Bed 1999
Photo: Mark Heathcote, Tate Photography (
The four shortlisted artists for the Turner Prize 2016 are:
  • Michael Dean.
  • Anthea Hamilton.
  • Helen Marten.
  • Josephine Pryde.

1. Michael Dean


-Michael Dean “Sic Glyphs” at South London Gallery, London(mousse


2. Anthea Hamilton.


– installation view, Anthea Hamilton: Lichen! Libido! Chastity!, 2016, Turner Prize 2016 (


3. Helen Marten

71b1d8b92c25bc68a76d44c21fb7571d.jpg-Installation view of Greene Naftali’s Helen Marten 2016 show. (

4. Josephine Pryde

josephine-pryde-2.jpg The New Media Express in a Temporary Siding (Baby Wants To Ride). (

Fashion (movement-4)

At the last day of this week, we had a group presentation. It was good time for me. Tutors gave me some advice and I could get ideas from other student’s work. Based on that I’m going to plan next work.

Before that I got some secondary research from fashion show and fashion film. The first thing is a part of fashion show which is a dancer is dancing. It was quite helpful  research. And the other thing is a short video clip. In the video a man fall down and rise up over and over again. During this performing, I could see the natural movement of his hair and dress.


Fashion (movement-3)

Today, I drew some movement of primary research by using tracing paper. It was good to see flow of movement clearly. After that I made a dot each starting point of movement on drawing and linked them, from this work I could find the line of flow. They will be good source to plan next step.