Today, we took some photos of movement in daily life. And we choose 10 photographs. They  illustrated movement of hair, muscle, fabric, the smoke from cigarette and shadow.  I enjoyed that time, it was fun. And we presented our photos to other groups. Also the others presented their work to us. Differing from our group, they focused on movement of objects such as wheel, clocks.



Harvard ref

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 12.45.35.png

-Sigmund Abeles

Self-Portrait Needling a Tondo, 1963

plate (diameter): 6″ (15.2 cm); sheet: 14 1/2 x 10 13/16″ (36.8 x 27.4cm)
Given anonymously
-Object number
Drawings and Prints

-I like this frame look like an album. And I think the texture of the pencil drawing  illustrate his hard life and sorrow. Also i can feel his eyes are saying something. The organisation of this portrait is quite simple but I can feel many things from that.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 12.58.15.png

-Paul Cézanne

Portrait of Cezanne c. 1898-1900

composition: 12 11/16 x 10 15/16″ (32.3 x 27.8 cm)
Gift of Abby Aldrich Rockefeller
-Object number
Drawings and Prints

-I think this portrait look like old animation. Even I feel it’s cute. His face looks nasty person. And the texture of the paper looks warm. I like this visual texture.

-These two portraits have some in common that they have been drew by pencil. And they illustrate not only artist’s face but also their feeling and life. I can see their life even I don’t know nothing about them.


Conceptual art & Land art

Conceptual art is art in which the concept or idea involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns. Some works of conceptual art, sometimes called installations, may be constructed by anyone simply by following a set of written instructions.This method was fundamental to American artist Sol LeWitt’s definition of Conceptual art.

Land art, earthworks, or Earth art is an art movement in which landscape and the work of art are inextricably linked. It is also an art form that is created in nature, using natural materials such as soil, rock, organic media, and water with introduced materials such as concrete, metal, asphalt, or mineral pigments.



-For me, they don’t look like art. I can’t find any significance from them. Even some conceptual art works look really crude. If they can earn money from them, I think it’s unfair.


Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 09.38.55.png

-I can’t imagine how much time did artist spend. This is a real art work for me. Even it’s look like real phenomenon. I like this harmony between nature and artificial thing.


C+CS Primary research project Sainsbury centre for the visual arts, Norwich

  1. In this day, we visited the Sainsbury centre and Fiji. The Sainsbury centre has designed between 1974 and 1976, the Sainsbury centre was the first major public building designed by now renowned architect Norman Foster. The Sainsbury Centre was first conceived after Sir Robert and Lady Sainsbury generously gave their art collection to the University of East Anglia in 1973. When I saw this building, I was expected because the museum was so big. But after I looked around inside of that, my expectation changed to disappointment. Because they have a little exhibit less than I expected.

I choose 6 objects kinds of oriental statue. Because I’m interested in oriental garment.


  • Title: Female shinto deity
  • Maker: unknown
  • Material: Polychrome wood
  • Date of the work: Kamakura period AD 1185-1333
  • It gave me an idea about silhouette, the silhouette of this piece is similar with asian costume. In these days, I’m planning to design kind of asian theme costume, so it will be good research.


  • Title: Votive figure
  • Maker: unknown
  • Material: Marble, shell or bone
  • Date of the work: 2700 BC
  • The skirt of this figure is quite interesting. It’s look like Greek skirt or Scottish kilt.


  • Title: Figure of a man
  • Maker: unknown
  • Material:pottery, pigment
  • Date of the work: 11th-2nd century BC
  • The shape of this figure is so interesting. I like this curvy shape. Even it’s look like American soccer player.


  • Title: Seated Amida, the Buddha of the Western Paradise
  • Maker: unknown
  • Material: Gilt bronze
  • Date of the work: AD 1185-1333
  • I especially like this statue. Because It has clear detail that is able to be a good research for my project.
  • I’m always interested in Asian culture, this buddha figure inspired me strongly. I will consider this source for my portfolio.


  • Title: Standing Yakushi Nyorai, the Buddha of healing.
  • Maker: Yakushi-rurikō
  • Material: Bronze with traces of gilding
  • Date of the work: AD 710-794 ,8th century
  • This buddha figure also inspired me. But it is quite different from previous buddha. It is more simple and thin also it is standing. They are slightly different. Both of them will be good research for my portfolio.


  • Title: Seated figure of a Bodhisattva
  • Maker: unknown
  • Material: wood, traces of lacquer and gilding
  • Date of the work: AD 1368, 13th-14th century

Actually, the exhibits didn’t attract me. Because almost of them didn’t illustrate about fashion.They were more like historical and cultural thing. I’m going to study fashion so I focused on garments and shapes of them.  I love these kinds of silhouette such as shape of sliding down.  I’m usually strongly influenced by something really old. They will be good research for my project later.




I love this this Fijian pattern. Even I always want to get this kind of tattoo. This pattern is quite complicate but they are regularity. Perhaps It could be a main theme of my work someday.


fashion promotion-eighth day

On Wednesday, we’ve been to UCAS fair in London. It was absolutely great time for me. I didn’t realised that there are so many good uni in UK. I’ve got lots of information from them. Before I’ve been this fair, I applied just two of university because I didn’t know the others. Now, I have different choices for future plan.

fashion promotion-fiveth day

At this day, I started to make secondary research in sketchbook. I could find lots of military pattern and neutral colour clothes in valentino, balmain and calvin klein collection. After this, I choose camouflage pattern as main theme for the postcard. And I tried to find a good place for photoshoot.