Reflecting writing of second project

1.Description of events experiences and processes.

  • I have chosen 2 paintings the name of ‘The Virgin and Child enthroned, with four angels'(by Vittore Crivelli’) and ‘La petite Afrique lll'(Graham Sutherland). When I saw these paintings I felt something , such as heartbreak, peace, pain in the silence.

*I’m not sure about that I understood this question correctly.


2. How do you feel about these experiences? positive? or negative?

  •  It was positive for me, because I love old paintings and it was good things to develop my ideas.

3. Have you found it difficult to do work? Or do you feel your work is going well?

  • The most difficult thing for me is im not used to do this kind of work, because when i was in university in Korea, we focused on learnig skills such as pattern making, sewing, whole process of making clothes.
  • It is difficult to find materials what I want.

4. What have you learnt today?

  • Hm..?

5. How could you make future improvements to your work?

  • I need more time to think about it.



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